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LWUIT on MicroEmulator on iPhone

I tried to run the LWUIT Demo with my MicroEmulator iPhone port. Here are some screenshots:

First Try. Got the clipping slightly wrong...

After a quick fix, clipping correct, but no text...

Changing to another theme...

... the text is there!

Menu is workin.

Setting some dialog properties, and...

... displaying it.

Some more screenshots...

Performance is slow as hell, not all graphics are rendered properly, but its working at least.

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  1. Hey Markus!
    Very cool work so far!
    I actually started working on a similar thing. Maybe we can work together or exchange ideas.
    If you are interested contact me via my email address.


  2. Hi Markus,
    could you please send me a download link for your microemulator iPhone port?
    Thanks a lot,

  3. Wo finde ich denn den Download?

  4. There’s a sense that Markus died.. :/

  5. Oh It gladdens πŸ™‚
    So, can you tell when approximately a MicroEmu port for iPhone will be available? Thanx in advance. πŸ™‚

  6. java on iphone is possible today,
    take a look at project, it’s a cross platform mobile framework where the ui part is a fork of LWUIT

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