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MicroEmulator on iPhone

I have started porting microemulator to (jailbroken) iPhones. Here are some first screenshots.

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  1. What VM is used for that port?

  2. Its running on JamVM with the class librarys from the Classpath project. Additionally JocStrap is used for the ObjetiveC-Bindings for the highlevel Views and straptease is used for the native CoreGraphics access for the IPhoneDisplayGraphics implementation.

  3. Great, looking forward to give it a try!

  4. Man this rox. Do u know when the port will be completed ?

  5. Excuse my ignorance, but what are MicroEmulatot and LWUIT? Are they part of JavaME? I started to look into Java on the iPhone, but haven’t gotten very far.

  6. MicroEmulator is a JavaME emulator based on Java SE. The iPhone has no Java ME available. So to run MIDlets on the iPhone you need an emulator.

    LWUIT is an UI Toolkit based on Java ME.

  7. Don’t be silent, Markus! When will this be completed?!!! I can’t wait more! 😉

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