LWUIT on MicroEmulator on iPhone

I tried to run the LWUIT Demo with my MicroEmulator iPhone port. Here are some screenshots:

First Try. Got the clipping slightly wrong…

After a quick fix, clipping correct, but no text…

Changing to another theme…

… the text is there!

Menu is workin.

Setting some dialog properties, and…

… displaying it.

Some more screenshots…

Performance is slow as hell, not all graphics are rendered properly, but its working at least.

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Hey Markus!
Very cool work so far!
I actually started working on a similar thing. Maybe we can work together or exchange ideas.
If you are interested contact me via my email address.


Hi Markus,
could you please send me a download link for your microemulator iPhone port?
Thanks a lot,

Oh It gladdens 🙂
So, can you tell when approximately a MicroEmu port for iPhone will be available? Thanx in advance. 🙂

java on iphone is possible today,
take a look at project, it’s a cross platform mobile framework where the ui part is a fork of LWUIT

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