Accessing the Windows Phone 8X by HTC from Linux

Currently the “Windows Phone 8X by HTC” (what a stupid name) is not supported under Linux.

If you are using Ubuntu Raring, you can  use my PPA, where I have patched the USB ID of the WP8X:

On other systems you can compile the libmtp yourself. Download the libmtp sources and apply the following patch:

diff --git a/src/music-players.h b/src/music-players.h
index fedda12..deb9cdd 100644
--- a/src/music-players.h
+++ b/src/music-players.h
@@ -471,6 +471,9 @@
   { "Microsoft", 0x045e, "Zune", 0x0710, DEVICE_FLAG_NONE },
   // Reported by Olegs Jeremejevs
   { "Microsoft/HTC", 0x045e, "HTC 8S", 0xf0ca, DEVICE_FLAG_NONE },
+  // Reported by Markus Heberling
+  { "Microsoft/HTC", 0x0bb4, "Windows Phone 8X by HTC", 0x0ba1, DEVICE_FLAG_NONE },

    * JVC

After installing the new libmtp version, your phone should be detected and you can explore it with Nautilus. Make sure your phone is not locked with a PIN while attaching the USB cable, it wouldn’t work for me in that case.

I have submitted the patch upstream, so hopefully it will be included in the next version.

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Mark, have you been sucessfuly syncing your windows phone from Linux? I am a fairly new user and can’t get it to work for the life of me. Any tips?

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